August 5, 2008

Lollapalooza '08 Report

Maybe it was the heat, or maybe I've just had enough of festival crowds... but throughout the Lollapalooza weekend, I never quite felt that it lived up to the nonstop barrage of musical excellence that was Lollapalooza 2007. Despite the mediocre days, there were still some great shows to be seen in the later hours.

Here are some of my highlights. Click links for YouTubery...

Friday: Cat Power oozed bluesy sex appeal... Jack White and The Raconteurs brought the rock show... Radiohead was the clear standout of the fest with a flawless show enhanced by LED lights and fireworks.

Saturday: The NYC "math rock" group Battles were totally intense, in the best possible way... Rage Against the Machine was a fucking insane show, so much so that they had to keep stopping to ask people to move back... I wasn't interested in waiting for the moshers to settle, so I moved all the way back, across Grant Park, to where Wilco was putting on a much more peaceful show in their fancy new threads.

Sunday: I couldn't stay for NIN or Kanye, nor did I really care to. I did enjoy the Gnarls Barkey show quite a bit, especially when they covered Radiohead's Reckoner.

All in all, it was a pretty good way to spend a three-day weekend. If you were there, feel free to comment on your favorite shows.


Anonymous said...

You were right, Reckoner did sound fairly tits when Gnarls covered it. Or. Perhaps I just really love that song if anyone does it.


Jefferton said...

You kind of forget how good of a singer Thom Yorke is, but shit... even Cee-Lo can't do it quite as good.