August 28, 2008

Free Us From Oil

Here is the latest ad from Al Gore's We Campaign. I like the bold message and dramatic creative direction of this one. Usually green marketing is way too cute for the Average Joe, and therefore easily forgotten. The environmental crisis is also seriously downplayed by politicians as they pussyfoot around the topic of climate change, knowing that there are so many uneducated skeptics out there. Meanwhile, the floods, wildfires, and hurricanes just keep on coming. Not to get all doom and gloom on you... but this is serious shit, man!

People need to forget about today's gas prices for two seconds and realize the majority of our environmental and economic problems can be solved by breaking our addiction to fossil fuels. No matter how many drops of oil they may be able to squeeze out offshore (not much), we need to be investing in renewables today!

Still not convinced that we can do anything about global warming? Here's a great lesson in risk management.

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