May 27, 2008

New Sigur Rós

If any band can get away with a video full of naked people, it's Iceland's (same place that gave us Björk) Sigur Rós. If you're familiar with the band's gloriousness, you probably won't be shocked that their new video for the single "Gobbledigook" is artsy, cool, and super naked. What may surprise you is that the song rocks pretty damn hard.

Found through Kitsune Noir. More info and free MP3 at Stereogum.

Update: By now I've probably watched this video at least half a dozen times, but it wasn't until the last viewing that I really saw it again. My reaction on the first viewing was basically, "Wow naked people... that's kind of shocking and slightly gratuitous." Now that the initial shock has passed, I can see it as something much more significant. I think this video is about seeing humans in the same way we see animals... as a part of nature instead of something separate from, and supposedly superior to nature... it's about rethinking our place in this world. Lovely.


Anonymous said...

Who needs Body Worlds?

Jefferton said...

I'm donating my body to the next Sigur Rós video.