May 26, 2008

ISO50 - Obama Poster

Scott Hansen (aka ISO50) was approached by Barack Obama's campaign to create a killer poster to help kick Hillary's whiny ass to the curb (those may not have been their exact words). The result is this impressive 23" x 40" print entitled "Progress," now available for pre-order on the official Obama site.

As cool as Shepard Fairey's poster was a while back, in a lot of ways this one is far superior. There's some serious detail in this sucker. Click the image for a closer look.

Update: I have to say, the more I see Fairey's poster around in public, the more awesome it becomes. Bold and straightforward. Just like Obama. Anyway... so that this blog doesn't start to look too one-sided, be sure to check out I'm Voting Republican (via Marty).

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