September 3, 2009

Ted Kennedy screenprint by Andy Warhol

I just came across this silkscreened portrait by Andy Warhol, created in 1980 for Ted Kennedy’s campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination. I guess having famous contemporary artists do campaign work is not a new thing, eh?

From Art Knowledge News:

Known for his oratorical skills, Kennedy's 1968 eulogy for his brother Robert and his 1980 Democratic National Convention rallying cry for American liberalism were among his best-known speeches. He became known as "The Lion of the Senate" through his long tenure and influence. More than 300 bills that Kennedy and his staff wrote were enacted into law. He was known for working with Republicans and finding compromises among senators with disparate views. Kennedy played a major role in passing many laws, including laws addressing immigration, cancer research, health insurance, apartheid, disability discrimination, AIDS care, civil rights, mental health benefits, children's health insurance, education and volunteering. In the 2000s, he led several unsuccessful immigration reform efforts. At the time of his death, he was continuing to work on universal health care legislation, which is often described as his "life's work".

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