June 1, 2009

Aaron Draplin: America is F*cked... (graphically at least)

I saw this video a while back of Portland-based designer Aaron Draplin ranting about a shitty motel sign and how people just don't appreciate good design anymore. Since then, I've been checking out his work quite a bit and must say he has quickly become one of my current favorite designers. His work all has a great retro-modern industrial look to it. And I think he likes the color orange...

Click images for details on each piece. For more examples of Aaron's work, take a look at the Draplin Design Co website. Also, if you've got extra some time, check out his recent interview with The Marma Spot.

Update: Another Draplin interview.

1 comment:

Eric said...

I like his attitude.

I bought the 'pretty much everything' poster.