March 25, 2009

The Huge Turn Off

The audio is a little goofed up in this video, but it's still pretty funny. Earth Hour is this Saturday at 8:30pm, regardless of your time zone. Join the party and turn off those lights!

More info at


Anonymous said...

Bummer. I could not load that page. Must have been switched off for that hour to save power. So, what exactly is this supposed to accomplish beyond a symbolic gesture that folks like me lampoon?

~Pedo, promising to plant a tree, in the dark, on Earth Day instead.

Jeff Oeth said...

Yeah, it's not so much about the energy that's saved in that hour as it is about the sense that each person, each building, each city, etc, has the power to collectively make a difference. Very hippie, I know.

This video probably explains it better.

Anonymous said...

by the way dear jeff -- 1) I miss your beard, and your musk. It's the pancake breakfast we do it.... 2) I bought a tee shirt for you today. You will love this wearable with all your might.