December 15, 2008

Redford on Saving the Redrock

According to a government official, "the Bush Administration is on pace to do almost as much damage to our environment in its last eight weeks in office as it did over the last eight years." Actor/director/activist Robert Redford sent out a message today trying to stop one of the Bush Administration's final "Fuck yous" to our environment, a plan to auction off Utah's Redrock wilderness to oil and gas speculators...

"The Bush Administration cynically chose Election Day to
advance an outrageous plan that will sell off leases for some
160,000 acres of spectacular Utah canyonlands to oil and gas

While America was voting for Barack Obama and his vision of a
clean energy future, Bush and Cheney's underlings were
conspiring to plunder one of the crown jewels of our natural
heritage for their fossil fuel cronies.

The auction of Redrock country will take place on December 19.
At stake are world-renowned vistas near Canyonlands and Arches
National Parks, as well as near Dinosaur National Monument. The
highest bidders will earn the right to turn vast tracts of
pristine wilderness into industrial wastelands.

It's bad enough that Bush officials went behind the backs of the
American people with this disastrous scheme. But what's worse,
they didn't even tell their own National Park Service until
after the fact."

Tell the Bush Administration to cancel the Redrock auction!

The image above is from the outstanding 1972 Sydney Pollack-directed mountain man movie, Jeremiah Johnson, which was filmed in Robert Redford's adopted home state of Utah.

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