September 28, 2008

SNL: Palin, Debate, Clinton

Ever since Saturday Night Live first debuted in the mid-70's, they've always been at their best when they get political. So far, this season has been highlighted by SNL alum Tina Fey's guest appearances as Sarah Palin. The funniest part about this spoof of the recent Katie Couric interview might be that they didn't even have to change a lot of the words. Here's a pretty hilarious reaction to the actual interview.

The debate sketch was a little weak, but what do you expect after one day? Some of you (Thorpedo) will be quick to point out that the mocking here is pretty one-sided. They did get a few decent cuts at Obama... but is it me, or is there just not that much humor to be drawn from him? On the Dem side, I think it's clear that they can get a lot more laughs from the Clintons...


Anonymous said...

See? WAY better than his McCain. And aptly Clintonian as well.


Jefferton said...

Yeah, much better. I still like Hartman's Bill too. And of course Ferrell's Bushy... Carvey's Bush Sr. and Perot... Norm's Dole... Damn, there have been some good ones.