September 15, 2008

Movie Folk Rip Sarah Palin

I don't know why they're interviewing a movie star about this, but as long as we're still on the Sarah Palin topic, this is worth watching for Matt Damon's comparison of the Republican VP pick to "a really bad Disney movie."

Movie critic Roger Ebert also has a pretty keen take on Palin, calling her the "American Idol candidate."


Anonymous said...

Well thank God a movie star has summed it all up for us. Looks like he read a newspaper @ least. Don't get me wrong, he may be right on. It's just that I'd rather hear it from David Brooks, George Will, Donna Brazille or anyone other than Jason Bourne. His qualifications are what again??


Jefferton said...

The media is saying pretty much the same thing. Just not as bluntly or as humorously.