September 4, 2008

GOP Vetting Emporium

Sarah Palin is such a fucking easy target. They try so hard to point the finger back at the media... But seriously, is she really the best person McCain could have chosen? Given his age, do we really want to risk handing over the Oval Office to her and her extreme-right, anti-science, oil-supported politics? Not me.

And even assuming McCain stays healthy to the age of 76, is this the kind of hasty decision-making we want from a president? I mean, he only met Palin once in person before choosing her as a running mate. That's just scary.


Tbone said...

Good luck. Must be scary, you seem to be in a bit of a panic, pretty fiery language.

Anti-science? I'd be willing to bet a large sum that the oil industry has..oh let's say at least10 to 20 times more scientist working in it than the advertising industry. Gosh, I bet there are even more scientist working for oil companies and actually developing alternative or clean energy sources than there are within that deep, deep think tank of musicians and Indy rockers who seem to have all the answers and do so much "finger pointing". Supporting more drilling doesn't exclude developing alternative energy sources as well.

Hopefully McCain did his homework in the Palin pick. We've seen how dubious associations(i.e. Obama & Jeremiah Wright, Obama & ACORN) can be so damaging.

Jefferton said...

Fiery language? I could have gotten personal about her family's morals or questioned her national and world-level experience. But, I'm just stating fact here...

- She wants to teach creationism in schools
- She tries to ban books from the library
- She doesn't believe humans contribute to global warming
- She opposes sex-ed in schools

And to me, the biggest concern is her close ties to Big Oil. They may talk of alternative energies, but with all the profits they're making on oil right now, they will just keep throwing their weight and their money around to make sure that America never breaks its oil addiction.

She filed a lawsuit opposing the polar bear's listing as a threatened species just so more drilling could happen in their habitat. That's fucked up.

What happens if all the new drilling does lower gas prices? Then demand for efficient vehicles and public transportation goes away, and we're screwed the next time we're in an energy crisis.

Jefferton said...

P.S. I know the gut reaction is to go after someone personally (I've been guilty of it too), but it really weakens your point.

Anonymous said...

Well, if she opposes sex-ed in schools than she ought to have done a better job @ home, if this, indeed, is where she'd rather see it taught.... BUT, she is kinda' hot. Mom and daughter that is AND clearly they both put out. Sorry. Too much? Shouldn't have watched that Zach and Miri preview....


Jefferton said...

She believes in teaching abstinence only. I don't think I need to point out the irony of that.