July 22, 2008

Cold War Kids: "Something is Not Right With Me"

From their forthcoming album, Loyalty to Loyalty, "Something is Not Right With Me" isn't much of a departure, but that hardly matters. Check it out at their MySpace page.

The new album will be released 09/23. Here's a track list (as if it means anything to you now):

1 Against Privacy
2 Mexican Dogs
3 Every Valley Is Not A Lake
4 Something Is Not Right With Me
5 Welcome To The Occupation
6 Golden Gate Jumpers
7 Avalanche In B
8 I've Seen Enough
9 Every Man I Fall For
10 Dreams Old Men Dream
11 On The Night That My Love Broke Through
12 Relief
13 Cryptomnesia


Jefferton said...

Awesome. I think something is not right with him!

I made the picture big 'cause I likes big pictures. Or I'm blind. Or both.

joshjs said...

That's cool, man. You keep workin' that photoshop magic.

Jefferton said...

No magic necessary. I just grabbed the bigger image.