June 20, 2008

Stuff White People Like

Stuff White People Like is a pretty hilarious website that, just like the name implies, looks at white people and the stuff they like. Sure, anyone can make fun of white people... but this site takes it to a new level with their witty observations of white people and their unique sameness. The site is so popular that they're even coming out with a book. Here are a few snippets from the site:

#41 Indie Music:

"To a white person, being a fan of a band before they get popular is one of the most important things they can do with their life."
#84 T-Shirts:
"Threadless is a Chicago-based company that produces artistic and funny t-shirts that are acceptable for concerts, Whole Foods and 80s night. White people like these shirts so much because they are designed by white people, for white people. Sort of like a white FUBU."

#60 Toyota Prius:
"Somehow, through marketing or perception, the Prius lets people think that driving their car is GOOD for the environment... It’s a pretty sweet deal for white people. You can buy a car, continue to drive to work and Barack Obama rallies and feel like you are helping the environment!"

For in-depth examples, check out the Full List of Stuff White People Like. They do tend to focus on a fairly specific type of white people... urban, middle-class, educated... the kind of people who like satirical websites and books.

(Thanks to Jessica for the link)

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