June 27, 2008

Cold War Kids - Second Album Teaser

So far, 2008 has been a pretty disappointing year in music. I can't remember the last new album that really got me going the way Cold War Kids' 2006 debut Robbers & Cowards did. Luckily, they're working on a second album due out this September. If it's half as good as their first, it'll likely be my pick for album of the year.

Cold War Kids also get bonus points in my book for having a graphic designer in the band, bassist Matt Maust. Check their site for a great ongoing photo/design journal.


joshjs said...

I was about to say that it's really not a bad year, but I looked, and a lot of the newer stuff I've been listening to is actually from 2007. So maybe you have a point.

Anyway, some 2008 highlights, so far:

- Bon Iver
- Fleet Foxes
- The Weepies
- Spiritualized
- Islands
- Death Cab (Not a big fan, but I like about half of the new album.)

Only Bon Iver would give Robbers & Cowards any competition, but there's still some good stuff here.

Jefferton said...

Yeah, Bon Iver and the new Death Cab are really good (although I still like Plans better). I'll have to give the rest more of a chance. Oh yeah, I do like Vampire Weekend's album quite a bit too.