December 23, 2007

"Brand New" Corporate Identity Blog

Scrolling through the pages of Brand New, a great site on corporate and brand identity work, it's fairly disappointing to see the direction a lot of rebrandings are going. While a few new logos are elegant clean-ups of distinct original marks (NFL, Armor All, Delta), many others are much lamer and less distinct versions (Snapple, Reader's Digest, Ruby Tuesday, Bank of New York, ). And what the hell is this supposed to be?

Another nice site on this subject is Identityworks, although they don't post quite as frequently.


Ted Fabella said...

I agree that most of these "re-branding" efforts appear little more than attempts to look contemporary. There's little indication of any change in positioning or strategy. The Snapple logo in particular may reflect a corporate maturity within the company (which is not necessarily a good thing). Enjoyed your other posts as well.

-Ted Fabella

MJ Stapleford said...

This is an interesting post. I do see your point with some of them just wanting to appear more contemporary but I also like some of the designs. The reader's digest logo is a good design I think it it reflects a new attitude and direction. The new NFL Identity has been simplified and although this makes it a little less decorative it does appear more modern and will reproduce better when the logo is reproduced at small sizes. Too much detail in a logo is not so clear at very small sizes. Although having said this I do agree with you that it is nice to see refreshed versions that carry something from the previous Identity if the previous Identity had served its purpose in the past well. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

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